BK Quality

A Quality Outcome Every Time

How We View Quality

At BK quality is a philosophy, and a highly structured process. The result is high quality project every time, no excuses, no exceptions.
Quality outcomes are insured by our process which begins before we are actually awarded a project and doesn’t end until the final sign off.

The BK Quality Assurance Protocol

Take Off
Bid Formulation
Scope Review

  • Assessing client sensibilities, culture and expectations
  • A spec compliance review utilizing the Tile Counsel of North America (TCNA) and the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Ongoing plan addendum search, analysis and adjustment
  • Assessment of field conditions impacting quality

Contractual Review/Scheduling

  • Review project/schedule/ quality issues with project management
  • Review contractual issues that have a potential impact on quality



  • Review of aesthetic, dimensional and design compatibility of materials
  • Assess material for defect/significant shape and shade variance
  • Review for optimal application specifications


Pre Installation Review

  • Initial layout design reviewed and approved by GC/Architect in writing before work proceeds
  • Mock up creation, if indicated
  • Pre install review of existing conditions

On The Job Quality

  • Ongoing layout review to insure conformity or adjustment as indicated
  • Establish and maintain installation and layout method
  • BK foreman conducts daily quality five point quality review


Finalization: Quality Review

  • Final comprehensive quality and punch list review
  • Final consulation with GC to insure satisfaction including quality considerations


Daily Five Point Quality Review Summary:

     1.  Layout conformity
     2.  Cuts
     3.  Flatness
     4.  Levelness
     5.  Joint Finishes

Quality is No Accident

At BK Tile & Stone it’s an outcome you can depend on with every project we do.