About Us

Who We Serve

We work with a broad range of contractors, architectural groups, property management organizations and other related enterprises. Our core client values quality and places a high premium on reliable project execution. Additionally, our cliental looks for our value added insights on design and application which often translates into enhanced quality, durability and aesthetic appeal at reduced costs.

Our business philosophy centers around long term relationships; partnerships built on integrity and promises mutually fulfilled. We are always mindful of not only the project at hand but the long term implications of that project on our partnership with the client.

Let’s talk about your next project and explore the possibilities of a mutually profitable long term relationship.

Call our Business Development group and speak to Brandon Darmstadter at ext.108 or Andy Schoch at ext.109.


Our management team consists of seasoned, talented and dedicated professionals who are all personally connected to the company’s bottom line as stakeholders. Our management team understands that every project is about more than design, application craft, tile and stone, it’s always about the client. Producing quality, value and total client satisfaction is our management focus.

So much of our project performance is based on the nearly seamless relationship between our field project management team and our design/estimating, purchasing, operations and finance departments.

We’ve designed a number of proprietary systems intended to enhance performance, create quality and efficiency and deliver value. A few of these systems, processes and protocols are:

An Estimating/Bid Profiling System
Our unique bid profiling system insures that we’re biding on projects with contractors best suited to our current assets and available resources as well as our project approach. This system helps to insure excellence project after project.

Labor Allocation Dynamics
Our proprietary labor allocation system deploys the right teams to the right projects at the right time. The result is consistent quality, adherence to project scheduling and increased flexibility for the client.

Real Time Project Analysis
Our daily project analysis corrects any deficiencies in project execution before the project plan or schedule can be seriously impacted.

Work & Change Order Transmission
The rapid processing of work and change orders insures our responsiveness and supports issue-free billing.

The quality, durability and cost effectiveness of every project we accept is our primary management objective. Our approach to management is predicated on perpetual betterment. We’re always looking for ways to increase efficiencies in our collaboration with the client and our overall execution of projects.

Our management team is proud of the quality, cost efficiency and consistency we bring to every project and the mutually beneficial relationships we continue to develop.

Union Affiliation

BK Tile & Stone is a union contractor. We’re proud of our long and strong partnership with the Tile, Marble & Terrazzo Union local #7 of New York & New Jersey. The world class skills of our union tile mechanics represent a crucial aspect of our project craft, quality and our overall success!

The quality and economic efficiency we produce comes in significant measure from the craftsmanship and professionalism of the union labor we employ.